Against all expectations what I termed the preliminary meeting of the ship of Redemption, National Action Council was held 14th February 2001 at Lafia Hotel Apata Ibadan.

The day of humus text of my political thoughts and engineering came and went with a bang of huge success the type that would have got the commercial politicians celebrating and self esteeming.

It was indeed the day the most merciful God had Blessed.

The attendance was higher than expected and with the about 318 participants drawn form all over the four corners of Nigeria.

My first political charge to the august gathering of National Action Council entitled “NIGERIA OF MY VISION AND MISSION” forms this brief write up.

If the spirit of charged emotions, endeavour four Change in the polity of this nation and the drive to purse the goal of incorruptible service of mankind with the fear of God I saw that beautiful day 14th February 2001 at Lafia Hotel Apata Ibadan are what I shall continue to see, dying the cause of beautifying the face of Nigeria shall not be too much a cross to carry to the Golgotha.

A deduction one was able to make of the happening of the 14th February was that Nigerians of all tribes, tongues and religions are fed up with the lackluster leadership of this country.

The people are desirous of a positive CHANGE under an able leader that would lead them to the promised land where there will be no more tears, wants and sorrow.

Copies of the photographs and of the communiqué taken on the eventful day of the march to freedom form part of this write up.

Thereafter I was propelled to further publish in some dailies the article “HOW OBADANJO WAS MISLED TO MISLEAD US” and also “Fellow Nigerians” These also form part of this write up.

Concluding I will like to greatly thank those great Nigerians who saw with me the need to carry on with vision until the mission gets accomplished to the glory of God and benefit of the masses.
To God be the glory Amen.

Who so ever shall come into contact with a copy of this booklet must ensure that justice is done to it.Having it thoroughly real and digested and disseminated to others.

The message must be translated into the languages of my people and carried to all the four Corners of Nigeria for all to understand and assimilate.

From now onwards there will be no peace to the forces of oppression, victimization and deprivation of rights to wealth, food, qualitative education, decent living, shelters on the heads of the poor masses.

The right to living is the right for all!

Ours is a cause of the rights of the people, it is the cause of God, it is a cause destined to succeed by the special grace of God of our forefathers the founders of the nationhood of Nigeria, Engineer, great nationalist Herbert Herbert Macauley, Dynamic master of political balancing arts Rt. Hon Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe, Selfless and people’s interest only serving Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello.

The dove and man of peace Sir Alhaji Tafawa Balewa. The political sage and wisdom guru Chief the Hon Obafemi Awolowo. Alhaji Aminu Kano the incorruptible politician, friend of the talakawas, Rt. Hon. Samuel Ladoke Akintola the political minstrel with voice capable sending to dream land the opponents, Rt. Hon. EyoIta, Rt. Hon. Joseph Tarka, Rt. Hon. Anthony Enahoro, Rt. Hon. Michael Okpara. Kabiyesi Oba TadenikawoAdesojiAderemi et al; All great men of valour who saw wisdom serving the people on principles on principles than mere accumulation of perishable silvers and gold.

Written by Dr. Olapade Agoro.