Welcome address presented by Aladura patriarch Dr. Olapade Agoro to the inaugural meeting of NATIONAL ACTION COUNCIL held Wednesday 14th Feb. 2001 at Lafia Hotel Apata Ibadan.

Very much convened that the God of truth is here physically present with us to start this wonderful journey we are her about to embark upon; this is welcoming you all my friend and compatriots to this inaugural meeting of our Nation’s power line to freedom, National Action Council (NAC).

IT was definitely not a mistake for God of all Nations to have used the good British people to have brought and fussed together the hundreds of tribes and tongues together to make a giant of a Nation out of Africa now known and proudly called Nigeria.

With earned foreign exchange of over US$ 200 billion between 1970-1995, and US$ 8. 740 million for the first eight months of the year 2000 from crude oil sales alone. About another US$ 200 unaccounted for from other sources and trillion of US$ accruable from resources yet untapped and unexplored, I very much in doubt if the God of our forefathers Herbert Samuel Macauley, Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe, Tafawa Balewa, Ahmadu Bello, Aminu Kano, Joseph Tarka, Anthony Enahoro could have been wrong to have given us this great country Nigeria of unlimited, unquantifiable and unimaginable human and material resources the type that could be difficult to find any where else in black Africa South of the Sahara.

What I, am however positive we did wrong was to have allowed the pigs in us to have dehumanized and dementalise us into out past and immediate present mission of wastage; Of having Nigerians who are greater in false values and whose villages are to them bigger than Nigeria.

Today incidentally the valentine day, by the grace of God of love and unity will mark the starting point of putting an everlasting end to the oppressive rule of the poor masses by the Pigs in Politics (PIPS).

It is the beginning to the end of the invasion of our sovereignty by the oppressive agents of the Western Word the IMF, Word Bank and the so called Paris Club and their agents here in Nigeria and at large.

The glow of the fire of ACTION of Murtala Mohammed/OlusegunObasanjo’s 1975/1979 administrative Policy of “Africa for the Africans” must be rekindled; Nigeria must again be free to lead the continent of Africa.

Today we are here to start the rescue mission of lifting the sunk Titanic of Africa, Nigeria from the sea bed of corruption, political blackmail, treasury looting and broad day light scenario of POWER and STEAL.

The journey shall be difficult and hard but we shall overcome.

We shall rise up gloriously one day very soon to sing the last ode to sufferings and sorrow in our land.

We and our children shall once again be free from the shackles of wants and tyrannical forces of darkness, oppression, victimization and subjection.

There shall soon be light continuous to illuminate our nights and darkness; Our pipes shall run free of fresh water; Our cars and trucks shall no longer queue for fuel that we sell to others but do not have; Our children shall be educated freely to high technological heights and shall no longer go to foreign lands to be prostitutes and pimps;
Poverty shall be eradicated form the face of our Nation;
There shall be no more violence and blood letting;
We shall sleep and wake up peacefully;
The tribes though differ shall speak one language;
And our God shall be called the GREAT NIGERIA.

This I pray and so let it be in my life time and there ever after me O Lord of all souls Amen

Written by Dr. Olapada Agoro