How it all began

Early morning, Saturday the 7th January 2001 or so I had a telephone call from Abuja from one of my admires and compatriot Baba Danjuma expressing his great delight on the opinions I had in currency then as convener Yoruba People Action Council YPAC egresses on the prevailing various national issues.

He consequently opined that as a nationalist whom a lot of people outside the Yoruba race hold in high esteem, I should come up with National Action Council an organization that would embrace all shades of opinions and where every Nigeria irrespective of tribe, tongue and religions could team up with me in the struggle for a better Nigeria.
I will confess that if took me some days of pondering and praying over the suggestion of Mr. Baba Danjuma before I made up my mind to take up the challenge of engineering this last ship of national redemption National Action Council.

The need to worry and ponder over this issue of my getting involved in the highly volatile partisan politics of Nigeria became imperative considering the fact that at age 58 years and with spiritual headship of Aladara Christian Communion in Nigeria and in Diaspora, spiritual headship of Merciful Christ Church world wide and Traditional headship of Atapami Royal Chieftaincy ItapaIjesaland I have never in my life up till now been actively involved with partisan politics of the land.

However having deeply rummaged over the lives of great men like King David of Israel, Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus etc who the great God used to combine spiritual offices with national duties and who made success of it all, there could be found no reasons why the challenge should not be accepted by me with great determination, courage and zeal.

As if propelled by a mighty force unseen by man, I became instrumental to the origination of the engineering of the Ten points of National Action Council commitments (copy of which will please be found with this brief write up) and which was consecutively published for public consumption on page 22 of Daily Trust newspaper of January 23 2001; page 5 of Nigeria Tribune of 26 January 2001 and page 4 of the Punch of 30 January 2001 respectively.

It will forever be strange to me where I got the courage and wherewithal to commit so much of my energy and resources to the cause of which I am a green horn so to say.

On the other hand the feeling of my getting used by the most High GOD to influence a big CHANGE for the betterment of this country of mine Nigeria, fueled me on to continue working to the goal of redemption irrespective of coasts and pains.

I have always believed that if you allow a fool to rule you, he will rule foolishly and you will become foolish.
This will explain the current situations of the socio, political and economic of our country Nigeria.
We have for years allowed ourselves to be ruled by fools and we are all now foolish!

In succession I rolled out and as well published with my own money in some national dailies Our ….NOW….Ten Commandments (copy of which you will fill in this booklet) The enormous response in form of telephone calls and letters I got from eminent Nigerians sequel to my first two publications informed me that I was not working alone and that truly I have God and the entire nation with me and behind me.

I am therefore convinced that the task of redemption shall after all not be difficult to accomplish with God on our side.